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Find your Perfect Platform to Make your Career in Programming Language

Every industry today is either completely or partially digitised. From keeping data stored to developing websites for company’s different projects, the requirement of basic knowledge for make Career In Programming Languages and more necessary for modern job applicants. As a result, various programming and developer communities are emerging to cater to the specific requirements of the application, as well as the category of developers, be it beginner, intermediate or experts.

While the older programming languages are known by almost 73% of the developer’s community, the newer ones are the centre of attraction this year, with advantageous job offers based on java programming languages and the unsaturated nature of the community in this aspect, the demand and number of aspirants for languages like GO, Scala have been consistently increasing. The new analytical and visual skills brought to the table have not only made the dealings easier and more convenient but it also has increased productivity as it has been translated into data and numbers. While the coding languages cannot be listed as one better than the other as they serve different purposes, a list of programming languages to learn in 2019 has been put together below according to relevance and usage.

Find your Perfect Platform to Make your Career in Programming Language 

1. Python:

According to the criteria of the aspirant and the requisite of the organisation they are working for or applying to, Python is among the languages worth learning. It is an early contender in the world of programming languages which has gained its popularity with AI, ML, data analytics and algorithm-based development and has become one of the most used programming languages. The industries leaning towards automation and businesses looking to scale and build, with the target of rapid growth, Python, with its consistency of performance has been among the most popular programming languages.
Python’s language at improving web applications with the help of its rich collection of libraries and internet protocols and equipped with its active framework has made the experience smoother for the user by providing them swift and dynamic web development. It has also thrived in the data science, statistics, analytics and ML fields. Python is essentially a customary purpose programming language and by accommodating games, websites, business applications alongside statistical programming, it has retained its superior quality.
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2. JavaScript:

Among the types of programming languages, JavaScript is the most favoured one among the developers. Acquiring the knowledge of this basic coding language can help an aspirant successfully land a job in the web developing field. This object oriented programming language is the most conventional among the programming languages of the modern digital world. As front-end web development software, JavaScript is right after HTML and CSS. The majority of successful websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and YouTube, rely on the interactive web page design and dynamic display that the language has successfully created for the users. The libraries and frameworks designed to make the development easier works in an assimilating manner so as to give the developers the opportunity to be innovative with their coding and to even create scalable network applications. With the use of its accepting, compliant syntax that works over all major browsers, it is suitable for both beginners and experts of the field alike. Other websites like WordPress, LinkdIn, Amazon, Microsoft and more use the benefits of the language.

3. Scala:

Assistance in functional programming with a strong static type system has made the programming language, Scala, an excellent general purpose programming language. In supporting user developed application and overcoming issues due to unintended consequences, there is no other programming language in comparison to it. Free shifting from data structures and conventional methods to absolute functions yield no impact and successfully maintain the user code. As a more stable and simpler to comprehend language, Scala, is user and developer friendly.

4. Swift:

The comprehensive purpose language, Swift, has been generated by Apple for applications of their multi-purpose OS. For this reason, swift coding language is the best coding language to learn for the developers aiming to work for the company. Though the language has been published very recently in 2014, it has established itself as the most popular language in the world and successively made the prospects brighter for the aspirants who learn the language. The increased demand due to the popularity of the iOS has given the language new dimension and the average developer can earn enormous amount of wage by coding in this language and as it is still a new language; the possibility of advancements is extremely high. It has a cleaner syntax compared to other languages and a low-level juggling of pointers.

5. GO:

The open source programming language, GO, helps create simple, secure and productive software as the latest player in the programming platform. Created with the aim to fix general criticisms of other programming languages, the language has also retained some of their applauded characteristics, such as, static typing and efficiency of C++ or Java, richness and comfort of use of Python, enhanced performance networking and multiprocessing. By combining the efficiency and performance of the conventional programming languages it has provided its users with the best possible experience. Since its inception, GO has advanced manifolds to emerge as a language worth studying and adopting. The lightweight language programmed for the modern micro-services design has gained its much predicted popularity as it has been used to build the container Kubernetes in association with Google. It has been gaining ground in the data science field as well.
Verdict: The requirement of knowing at least the basics of programming languages have increased three folds than what it was even half a decade ago as the businesses these days are embodying data translation as means of development and give way to better business plans, while hypothetical ideas without any data to show for are not paid any heed to. Other than the ones mentioned above, programming languages like Typescript and Kotlin have been gaining popularity due to their performance and mutability.

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